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Gentle, All Natural Deodorant Stick Recipe
This article on deodorant is being written on the basis of personal experience and is, therefore, being directed at women. Try making your own deodorant if you haven`t already… you`ll not only save money and avoid chemicals, but I`ve found the homemade versions work better too! After reading Beating Cancer With Nutrition and then cutting most of the added sugar out of my diet , doing something simple like using my own homemade deodorant doesn`t seem like too big of an inconvenience.
I then used an empty gel deodorant applicator that has the square holes on top (it was a Gillette product, if you must know) because it`s bottom is pretty easy to pry off once you screw the push-plate down to the bottom. Again, the armpit detox can help speed that up. I went from using clinical strength deodorant to not needing an antiperspirant at all and just using a very light natural deodorant. Made from the Australian Melaleuca tree, tea tree essential oil offers antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal properties. I looked through my essential oils and chose lemon oil because it`s touted for its uplifting properties. Also, some people find that the baking soda is too alkaline for their skin, which can cause irritation. I can`t thank you enough, this is the best deodorant I ever tried, I been using it for a year now and it never failed me, even at the gym!
Mix equal parts of baking soda and cornstarch and add a few drops of essential oil to the mixture to give it your personal scent. You can just mix this up and put it in an old deodorant dispenser and keep it in the fridge. The coconut oil isn`t the essential part so you can play around with the oil/fat part of the recipe. ˜º hair holds bacteria, so it would even help your deodorant work better, not to mention last longer, if there weren`t a lot of hair present for it to have to contend with. Optional: If you`d like a scent, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil at this time. I`ve added more baking soda and arrowroot powder (twice) and it still isn`t the consistency of yours. For someone with sensitive skin, this deodorant does the job and won`t irritate any skin conditions. Although generally I like avoiding chemicals with unproven safety records, aluminum in deodorant is not one of them.
The day after, applied the deodorant and was amazed at how to make deodorant spray completely odorless she was by the end of the day. Baking soda- Apply baking soda to the underarms, it absorbs the bad perspiration in the underarms. I`m in the uk and it seems almost impossible to get empty deodorant containers without the need to import them or breaking the bank and as I have a few friends who`d be wanting to try this recipe too I was wondering about the amount. Edited to add: a few of you have said it`s irritated your skin- it`s probably from the baking soda- I would recommend using a more soothing essential oil, or skipping it all together. That`s why there are a lot of deodorant body sprays (which are mostly alcohol). I intend on making this deodorant with several different oils so I can switch off week to week.
Leah , I was looking up some info on the food grade (sodium-based) bentonite clay and the general side effects that have been known to people who have used it internally include intestinal discomfort. Lindsay`s method works great, i use to just simply use coconut oil and nothing else, but with the 2 powders mixed in, you get better results. In recent years, I`ve been suspicious of the aluminum and parabens in deodorant and antiperspirant being associated with breast cancer. I actually switched over to using thieves oil in olive oil to counteract the smell because nothing worked. As soon as coconut oil gets heated by your hands, it will begin to melt, so it makes it very easy to apply. I have a radical suggestion on the topic of deodorant: just stop using it. At all. However, after about a week or 2 of using the deodorant I have a pretty bad rash.
I`ve been using a mix of bicarb (what we call baking soda) and a bit of cornflour for years now - mix it up in a shaker with big holes, and put it on like you`d put talc on. Works better than any deodrant or antiperspirant I`ve ever used. I can always tell when he`s wearing it- not because of the absence of body odor, but because of the awful deodorant perfume. Calcium Bentonite clay is very versatile, used internally or externally to rid the body of toxins. On those days I`ve found that tea tree oil works really well at keeping me fresh. Microwave your deodorant in the mason jat for a few seconds and pour it into the deodorant container.
I`m sure no one else has ever experienced forgetting deodorant in AM, but I`m here to let you know that after the funk starts, deodorant will not end it. This homemade deodorant, however, totally freshened me up until I was able to do so appropriately!
I should also confess that sometimes I don`t make my own deodorant anymore since finding a pre-made option that uses the same ingredients and smells incredible ! I love Bubble and Bee deodorant as well, but I have been using their geranium and lime. The baking soda is for help with body odor and the corn starch/arrowroot is to thicken so that you can apply it like regular deodorant. I have also used pure coconut oil in a pinch but in the summer coconut oil tends to liquefy at room temperature. For those of you that prefer a deodorant with baking soda, I`ll share my old recipe with you here. With just 5 tbsp coconut oil mine ended up still basically a powder — albeit a powder I could mash together. I like to mix mine with the coconut oil melted as I find the mixture to be more consistent that way. I also add a tablespoon of raw Shea butter to the coconut oil over a double boiler and add the other ingredients (tea tree EO, lavender EO) then pour into a small mason jar.
Because I make lotion , toothpaste , and bake muffins/bread, I already owned every single ingredient needed to make a copycat of my favorite natural deodorant. If you use too much, which I`ve been known to do when I`m trying to cover up my BO and have no time for a shower (true fact) there`s def more of a chance of oil getting on my clothes if it`s a hot sweaty day. You could also store in the fridge without problem, just warm up a bit before trying to refill your deodorant container. A regular sized tub of coconut oil I bought at the grocery store that I use for my face/pits, plus a bag of arrowroot powder (a little pricey), and a box of baking soda, lasted me easily a year. Schmidt`s provided samples of their Schmidt`s Natural Deodorant for review purposes. I would love it if you could respond as I am about to make another batch and wanted to try without oil.
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